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Gateway Associates works on a number of Road Safety issues; underpinned by the work of Gateway's founder, the former Transport and Road Safety Minister.

We have worked with a number of different organisations and on a number of significant programmes.


Gateway Associates has worked on Road Safety issues in a number of countries in support of the UN Decade of Action. Programmes have been looked at in Uganda, Nigeria, UK, India and Sri Lanka.

Current work includes working with the Indian Alliance of NGOs for Road Safety in India, together with TRAX.

As the UK Road Safety Minister, Paul was an opening speaker at the international conference in Moscow that led to the General Assembly adopting the Road Safety Decade of Action.


Making sure the message about road safety gets across to all users is fundamentally important in all communities.

Gateway Associates have worked with a variety of partners to develop programmes that seek to address the key issues.

Working with an "edutainment" company, Gateway promoted a multi-sensory educational package targeted at 16-17 year olds. It addressed the issues of drink/drug driving, distracted driving, speeding and fatigue.

Current work streams involve collaborating with governments and agencies within West Africa to improve the facilities on major highways particularly for long distance goods drivers.

The death toll and serious injuries is far too high and greater off road provisions can help to make all the difference.

Gateway Associates works under its "RTS" - "Road to Safety" branding. The RTS work includes reviewing road safety legislation, developing road safety sensitisation programmes, undertaking key note conference speeches and helping to devise positive strategies to take forward the road safety message.

Gateway is currently looking at developing the road safety message utilising all mediums of modern day communications.

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