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Over the years Gateway Associates have delivered a range of services from one-to-one training to presenting key conference speeches; developing marketing opportunities at appropriate trade fairs to delivering multi-sensory road safety programmes to teenage audiences; reviewing road safety national legislation to advising senior country leaders on public relations.


Conferences & Events


Working with colleagues from a variety of backgrounds Gateway has delivered a range of courses from half a day to two weeks. All courses have been bespoke for the client and have covered a number of topics including:

  • Organisational Behaviour

  • Soft Management Skills

  • Negotiating Techniques

  • Leadership

  • Goal Setting

On Parliamentary Democracy topics include:

  • Select Committee Training

  • Effective influencing of Government & Parliament

  • The Legislative Process

  • Understanding the Decision Making Process

Within the Gateway network we have a variety of skills and experience of working within conferences and exhibition arenas.

Gateway fully understand the political conference landscape, including how best to use these events to meet the client's agenda.

Clients have also used Gateway knowledge to attend and present at trade fairs and exhibitions.

Most recently at various transport related exhibitions in Scotland and London.


Formal dinners particularly at the Palace of Westminster have been      organised for various organisations.   

We provide consultancy services in a number of areas. Particular work has been themed on transport issues including:

  • Road Safety & UN Decade of Action

  • Private Haulage firms 

  • Government transport policy

Our "Road to Safety" work has been in the UK, Uganda, Nigeria and India.


We also support Governments with advice on external relations and media management in this fast moving world.​

Our "Community Aspirations" work has supported not-for-profit organisations develop new approaches for new opportunities in the community marketplace.

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